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About Us


Joyfull Products
 was founded in 2004 by Vickie Paulin, a closet party planner who saw the need for inexpensive table and chair covers to combat the high-priced rental companies. When no suitable alternative products were found, she decided to create them.

After months of research and development, and hundreds of prototypes later, Vickie was granted US Patent #20050236876 on October 27, 2005. Her ingenious disposable chair cover was exactly what the wedding and event industry needed.

It wasn’t long before Joyfull Products full line of “linen-look” disposable chair covers, table covers, table skirts, and chef apparel became available in thousands of restaurant supply, caterer, and party stores nationwide.

The response was tremendous. Joyfull Products flew off the shelves and the reviews were outstanding. Wedding Planners, Caterers, Party Planners, and Conference and Event Managers raved about Joyfull Products.

Then came and eBay. And that’s when Vickie decided to sell her products directly to consumers via this website.

Joyfull Products is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we look forward to fulfilling all your wedding, party, and event needs.



Joyfull Products provides quality "linen-look" disposable products for weddings, dinner parties, conferences and any other event where you want your tables settings to be the main focal point of your venue. 

Why suffer through the expense of rental linens, counting of items to return or worry about stained or damaged linens?  Our patented chair covers, along with our table covers, table skirts and chef apparel adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any event without the hassle.  You simply party all day and throw it away!

Our products ship directly to your door eliminating the inconvenience of picking up and returning rental linens.  Organize your next perfect event stress free by using a quality product, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party.

Joyfull Products - An Inexpensive Approach to Elegant Entertainment.